Aligned Interests.

Kaya Capital was founded by and for a number of families. Since 2005 we help families to manage and monitor their assets. Now we offer our ‘family office’ service to others. Not only for families but also for foundations and pension funds. We do this with joy and would like to share our success.

Our Kaya Family Pool offers a solid, simple and efficient investment solution with the aim to achieve the best long-term return for the risk taken.

We have and will continue to have the same alignment of interests. Your funds will be invested alongside our and other families' assets.

Our fundamentals:


For over 15 years we have been taking care of wealth of multiple families.

We have a clear strategy and organisation for mapping your assets. And even the results of our investment pools are good.


The whole banking and investment industry creates a magical illusion around investing. We went back to the basics and made it simple, payable and transparent. For you and for us.


Kaya Capital has her own servers, systems and software. You have access to all your information via internet. We work efficiently and invest only when it creates value. This is how we keep our costs low.

Our Family Office services:

  • Financial Services.

    We coördinate all your investment affairs and family inquiries. Taxes, legal affairs, inheritance, estate planning can be a part of this service.

  • Investment Services

    Your overall investment position will be presented trough the iAssetMonitor. We make an inventory of all your assets, aggregrate and analyse them. Even if they are with external investment managers. Next we plot the risk and return expectations and advice you on the asset composition which suits the ambition and targets of your family.

  • Family Pool

    Our Family Pool offers a good, simple and efficient investment solution aimed to achieve the best long-term return for the risk taken. Capital preservation for the next generation is the priority.

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Our Investment Pool:

Kaya Pool

71.30% Return 10 year          6.26% Risk 10 year Select
Kaya Pool has a risk between equities and bonds. Nine asset classes and seven regions are part of a carefull and well balanced investment portfolio.

Risk / Return: